Shrek came out on the 22nd of April, do you know what else happens on the 22nd of April? Earth day! And what does the Earth have? Layers! Can atheists explain this?? HA, NO

Shrekmate, nonbelievers!


Do you ever get bored and draw PJ and Duncan as a couple
(By the way if any of you guys have any Ant and Dec requests you’d like me to draw, go ahead and ask! Cause they’re really fun to draw and I suck at coming up with ideas for drawings)


Do you ever get bored and draw PJ and Duncan as a couple

(By the way if any of you guys have any Ant and Dec requests you’d like me to draw, go ahead and ask! Cause they’re really fun to draw and I suck at coming up with ideas for drawings)


Do you ever get bored and draw PJ and Duncan as a couple
(By the way if any of you guys have any Ant and Dec requests you’d like me to draw, go ahead and ask! Cause they’re really fun to draw and I suck at coming up with ideas for drawings)


Do you ever get bored and draw PJ and Duncan as a couple

(By the way if any of you guys have any Ant and Dec requests you’d like me to draw, go ahead and ask! Cause they’re really fun to draw and I suck at coming up with ideas for drawings)

fic: Time shared part 53


Next bit of joint fic Time Shared. Ant/Dec pairing, all made up all fictional Don’t read if not your thing! part 53…on we go!

The boys wandered excitedly round the car dealership on the outskirts of Newcastle. It was only a second hand place as the family couldn’t afford to get a brand new…

Aw clumsy clots :D x

Ant and Dec gif masterpost



It took forever but here it is, my handy Ant and Dec gif masterpost. Some of them are good, some of them suck but hopefully you’ll find them useful. Use them on your blog, use them as reaction gifs all you want, just don’t repost as your own. Enjoy!

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If you need visual proof that these are the most adorable two people on TV anywhere, this is all you need.

Sleight(ly out) of hand - (drabble fic)

Just a quick (1200 word) drabble based on the BGT act last saturday, prompt courtesy of Laura :) all made up, its not angsty or medical but is a harder read, I guess. Anyway don’t read if not your thing x

“He looks good” Ant commented after the next act was walking out of the wings and onto the stage.

“Aye, God I hope so - these last few hours haven’t exactly backed up the show’s name have they, eh?”

Ant shook his head whilst his eyes never lost contact with the dashing Canadian; he sported a very untraditional outfit for a magician, a black bomber jacket over a tight fitting black Tshirt,  but if it promised his tricks would be less cheesy than the other dreadful magic acts they’d seen previously then Ant admitted he preferred it.

The man, whom disclosed his name to be Darcy Oake, was already entertaining the audience with his wit and charm onstage and if there was one thing Ant and Dec had gathered over their many years on the show, it was that charisma sells well with the audience.

The dramatic music began and Darcy proceeded with his act. Both boys in the wings waited eagerly for the first trick; Dec especially couldn’t help feeling excited with their increased chances of seeing how the ‘magic’ occurred thanks to their side view, despite knowing all too well that wasn’t the point and he should just enjoy the illusion.

It was more than surprise when Darcy transformed a regular flame into a dove right in front of everyone’s eyes. Dec let out a fearful “oh” which next to the audience’s “ooh”’s and “aah”’s sounded quite poor in comparison, but it was hard pretending to be enthusiastic about an act that contained the one thing you had a phobia of.

Startled and no longer looking forward to seeing what else Darcy could pull out of thin air (a bigger bird perhaps? Like an eagle or maybe an emu…) Declan searched the air with his left hand for Ant’s hand to secretly hold. As if he had just been electrocuted, Ant pulled away without even looking towards his secret partner.

With panic rising in him Dec persevered and held Ant’s pinky finger again, thankfully just out of shot. With more conviction this time Ant recoiled and let out a hiss

“What the hell are you doing?”

Dec gulped and wrapped his dejected arms around himself. “I just…I…”

“Well don’t Declan please, the viewers are tuned in to watch a magic act not us announcing owt…Jesus…”

Ant solemnly returned to watching Darcy who was now carefully placing the third dove in the cage with a deserving smile on his face. The audience was going wild for him and all three judges had looks of complete awe plastered on their faces.

Dec meanwhile was getting more and more worked up; he couldn’t just walk away and wait for the act to finish as that would be seen as unprofessional, he couldn’t even look away for then he’d be conveying his distressed state to the camera…yet the birds just kept appearing. Each flap of their wings sent a shiver down Declan’s spine and it was too late before he noticed how rapidly short his breaths were becoming.

Clutching at the red curtain divider behind him Declan discreetly backed away from the edge of the stage, therefore out of view from all the audience, and placed a hand on his diaphragm.

“In….out…in…out” He mentally instructed himself. Since he had suffered with panic attacks from a young boy Declan had been taught numerous ways to minimise a panic attack and prevent them from becoming too severe. So far, only one solution had been successful for him – who at the moment was too busy admiring the illusionist’s talents to notice the wave of light-headedness Dec was struggling with.

Dec recognised the all-too-familiar tingling sensation in his fingers and toes as they started to tremble from lack of oxygen and a shaky hand covered his face from the spotlights glaring down and worsening his headache. Slowly but surely his legs began to give way and his last feeble attempt at gaining Ant’s attention was  in vain as collapsed to the theatre’s floor.

“Declan!” Ant cried out when he saw the figure beside him go from standing to a quivering heap. “Okay Decky I’m sorry I should have realised…”

He looked up to find the cameraman staring down at them confusedly wondering whether or not he should be filming this. Luckily for him, Ant answered his question without it needing to be asked.

“No. Stop the camera and get him some water now!” His attention then returned to his best friend whose head was tucked between his legs and each laboured breath shuddered through his body. “Right Decs c’mon lift your head up mate”

Without even questioning his actions Ant gently lifted the older man’s head to encourage deeper breathing, however it had the complete opposite effect…

“No! Get them off us…get them off us! Aaargh… they’re…t- touching us… please…” Declan howled in fright, with his head being shook, his feet kicking desperately for his imagination to stop and arms remaining tightly clamped around his knees.

Ant stepped back in fright; Dec had never reacted this way to his touch. Usually a hug and some means of affection had him calmed down in a matter of minutes during one of these episodes.

“Decs it’s us…Anth? There are no birds on ya mate, I promise” he gently sat on the floor opposite him and held his back, he could feel Dec’s heartbeat and it was worryingly fast. “Dec look up for us” there was no response just a visible judder as Declan let out a strained sob. “Decky c’mon, lift yer head for us pet”

The wary cameraman returned with a plastic cup in his hands that Ant presumed contained the water. “Cheers” he mouthed as it was handed to him.

Judging by the audience’s roar Darcy had finished his audition and it had gone down a treat. Simon had been told by the floor manager about the problems backstage and so everything was halted show-wise until Declan had recovered.

Dec showed his face only slightly; tear tracks ran down his flushed cheeks and one by one the tears dripped off his chin. He was still struggling with his breathing as shown by the fluctuant movement of his chest and shaking frame.

 “Breathe with me Declan okay..” Ant ordered with his eyes locked with Declan’s as he over-exaggerated himself inhaling “In….” he waited five seconds and then loudly exhaled “and out…” he held on five seconds again and then repeated, gradually increasing the time between so that Dec’s breathing would slowly normalise.

Once he was certain Declan wasn’t going to pass out on him he asked for his hand and attempted to somewhat unbundle the smaller man’s body. “C’mere you” he checked to see for anyone watching then planted a kiss on the back of Dec’s hand. “Do ya want a drink?”

“A…aye” Dec spluttered in return and reached out a trembling hand for the cup.

“Here, allow us” Ant smiled and held the beverage to his friend’s lips for him to drink. “Is that better?”

He received a faint-hearted nod in response and then Declan was huddled in his arms, still on the floor. “That was awful like”

“Aw Decky” Ant hugged him gently, running his hand over the hair on the back of Declan’s head. “You should’ve told us sweetheart I would’ve taken youse someplace quiet”

He felt him shiver and shake his head against him. “I…tried…you didn’t listen”

Ant felt his heart drop. “Baby I’m sorry, I won’t dismiss youse like that ever again okay? I love you Decky” He whispered in his ear.

“It’s okay…I dove you too” he whispered back with a tiny giggle.

The end



hello there all my lovely lovely AntandDeccers :) so with all the anon hate, losing a lovely friend, illnesses and everything else dreadful going on, I felt the need to do something that might help us to be the wonderful fandom that we actually are

copy this little questionnaire thingy to the end of this post, complete it, then reblog :)

let’s get to know and love each other again (because something is clearly not working right now and we need to fix it…)!

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love this idea!

Name and tumblr: Izzie ~
Country: Yorkshire, UK
5 things that everyone should know about you:

  1. I really enjoy drama/acting/musical theatre
  2. My favourite bands are all time low, pierce the veil, we are the in crowd, tonight alive and bring me the horizon \m/
  3. I dye my hair a lot and like to paint my nails
  4. I consider the people in this fandom my family okay no if’s or but’s family :D
  5. (umm….running out of stuff now) I would absolutely love Ant and Dec’s job with my best friend omg

Why do you like being in the fandom? Everyone generally gets on with others really well and its different to being a part of a larger fandom because we all know each other and care for each other’s well being. I wouldn’t be without it ily all
Ant or Dec? Preferably both, one inside the other ;)
What made you join the fandom/ how did you fall in love with the boys? I’ve grown up watching them for like as long as I can remember and when I was about 10-11 my obsession started to grow. Joined tumblr beforehand and then when the aad fandom grew I made a new blog :)
Do you ship them only as friends or as a couple? Hehe they’re my otp
Do you actually think there’s something going on between them? Honestly? I think there’s definitely something there. There are so many moments that can be used as evidence to prove they’re together, but I don’t care really if they are or not they are best friends and amazing guys regardless :)
Favourite Ant & Dec show? SM:TV is hilarious but SNT I think because it’s ‘their baby’
Favourite Ant & Dec moment? Hmmm….god this is hard…the landmark award was really emotional but I always cry with laughter at the IAC link where Dec is wearing Kim Woodburn’s sweater of hair
Favourite PJ & Duncan song? Love a bit of Shout but Girlfriend is also a cracking tune ;)
Wonkey Donkey or Mr and Mr? Wonkey Donkey - “a camel?! How many humps do you see!”
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this is somebodygetmeoutofhere’s gif



Why are so people leaving tumblr? It makes me sad to hear all those nasty anons. I don’t want the fandom to fall apart :’(

This fandom is literally my life and has been for close to 2 years, I can’t bear the thought of us all separating cause you guys are like a family to me :( of course if people are leaving for personal reasons then you have all the right to do so but if it’s because of these anons the best thing we can do is all stick together and fight them off. No guy in sunglasses should be tearing our fandom apart!! X